Getting your home winter ready
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Getting your home winter ready

Getting your home winter ready

3 Simple Steps to getting your home winter ready that can help you save on those unnecessary expenses that can be prevented :

Insulate Attics and Walls:

More than 30% of home heating can be lost threw your roof, If your roof is uninsulated this can lead to waste of both money and heat which can become a problem during winter months when the cold sets in.

This also applies for uninsulated walls as 33-45% of heat can be lost threw uninsulated walls.

Clear Vents and Chimneys:

With weather in Ireland becoming cold during certain months your more than likely to light a warm, cosy fire with this comes the increased risk of carbon monoxide poising and chimney fires. This can be prevented by ensuring chimneys are cleared regularly and vents unblocked .

Block Draughts:

More than 20% of home heating can be lost through air draughts from windows and doors. This problem can be prevented alone by ensuring all windows and doors are secured properly.

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